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Flap is worried. Doctor Plip must operate on him, but he
lost his instruments. Quick, we must quickly find them.

Spot the intruders

There are 6 intruders who are
hidden, can you find them?

Paper cutting

Flap wants to change her look. Help her find her new
hairstyle. Cut the hairstyles and place them on Flap’s head.
You can also invent new styles yourself.

Yoga for kids
I am a horse, I’m

To rest, I become
a candlestick

I’m an elephant, raise my
arms, then lean forward and I
straighten my trunk

I am a scallop,
legs apart

I lift up and lean
forward to close

I’m a flamingo, right leg back,
left arm forward
and then the opposite

I am a butterfly, my feet
touch each other…

and I spread my knees and arms

I am a scale, knees bent on my stomach,
I rock left and right

My Teddy bear joins me on
my stomach and it rests
with me

The funny guy

Complete the drawing in colors

Do-It-Yourself Idea
Flap the bat

You will need: paint, glue, a toilet
paper tube, fishing line
1. Cut the printed pieces
2. Paint the parts and the toilet
paper tube
3. Glue the elements on the tube
4. Fix a wire behind the wings to
hang Flap in the air

Taste the monsters

You will need:

2 apples
1 lemon
Pine nuts

Wash the fruits
Cut the apples into 4 pieces, remove
the core and rub them with the
Cut strawberries into thin slices

Make a cut in the apple pieces to make
the mouth, holes for the teeth and for
the eyes, rub the lemon on
Plant the teeth, put the eyes and put a
slice of strawberry for the tongue
And there you go!

Miam, I love the monsters!


Drawing contest

Send us your drawings by email to plipetflap@gmail.com
The best drawings will be published in the next issue
and on our facebook page


Plip magazine number 5, Apr 22, 2020
Participated in this issue: Jean-Louis,
Magali, Prisca, Héléne, Nicolas, Léa, belle

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