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The night has fallen on the
forest, but ten animals do
not sleep. Can you find them?

Octopus game

otto the octopus tangled his tentacles
Find the one that leads to the seashell,
and the one that leads to the starfish
There is one fish which is a bit special, find him.


Cut and assemble your pangolin


Yoga for kids
I rest with my legs crossed
I am a jumping frog

I am a camel,
I lift one leg and
then the other

I make an arc

I am a turtle

I am a plane flying on one
leg then on the other

And I find my Teddy for rest,
I put it on my stomach, it goes up
and down with my breath

Be careful not to hurt
yourself, not everyone
is as flexible as I am!


April Fools

Here is a super
April Fools’ fish
to color and cut.
There are some
people going
to be tricked.


Do-It-Yourself Idea
The impasto painting
We need:
- A microwave
- 3 tablespoons flour
- 3 tablespoons fine salt
- 1 tablespoon baking powder
- 5-6 tablespoons water
- Paint or food coloring

1. Prepare the mixture. Pour the
water in the mixture so that the
consistency is similar to yogurt. For
different colors, divide the mixture
into several cans then add the paint
colors you like.

2. Paint on your paper. The thicker
the layer of paint, the more it will
become bulky.

3. Put your paper sheet in the microwave for about 30 seconds, until the paint is dry and thick. Be
careful not to burn yourself, the
sheet gets a little hot!

4. Wait for it to cool and admire
your impasto painting!




Prepare the cheese Jenga appetizer
It requires:
120 gram flour
60 gram grated gruyère
50 gram soft butter
130 gram fresh cheese
1 egg yolk

Mix flour, gruyère
cheese, butter, fresh
cheese and a little salt

Cut the dough into
rectangle pieces...

Form a ball and put
it in the fridge for
half an hour

...place them on a
baking sheet and brush
the egg yolk on them

Put the flour on the
table and spread the
dough with a roller

Put the dough in the
oven at 180 degreees
for 18 minutes...
And it’s ready!



Drawing contest

Send us your drawings by email to plipetflap@gmail.com
The best drawings will be published in the next issue
and on our facebook page


Plip magazine number 2, Apr 1, 2020
Participated in this issue: Jean-Louis,
Magali, Héléne, Nicolas, Léa, Belle


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