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Plip must find all his tools and
put them back in the toolbox.
But where is Flap?

Fishing Game

By observing the bubbles on the water’s surface, Plip wonders
where he can find the fishes. Can you help him?


Cut out the squares and assemble the 3 designs that have been
mixed. Do you know the names of these animals?

Do-It-Yourself Idea

For this activity we need:
- Paint
- Forks
- Green pen

2. Press the fork on the paper
to form your flowers

4. Voilà, your flowers are

1. Dip the fork into the paint

3. Draw the sterm
with green pen

Yoga for kids

I rest like a hedgehog
rolling into a ball

I am a baby chicken,
I crouch walk and flap
my wings

and I shoot the bow to
the left..

..then to the right

I am
a warrior

I become a half-opening

sit with one leg out and the
other bent, I stretch and
then I close
then I change
to the other side

I am a boat, holding on my

lying on my back, legs
bent and I lift my
I am a slide

To rest, I put my Teddy
bear on my belly and I
make it go up and down

Do-It-Yourself Idea
You will need:

Fold the paper in half

Cut a small hole in the
center of the sheet

Arrange the string on the
Paint the string with 3 colors. first half of the paper:
- form at least 2 loops for
Leave one end unpainted.
the wings
- pass the unpainted end go
through the hole

Unfold the sheet and
draw the body of the

Lay and hold a book on top
of the sheet and pull the
string out

Unfold the paper

Fold the paper in half

The stew

Plip need to prepare for dinner



Here is his list of ingredients




Help him find them in
the kitchen






I make my nuggets
You will need:
For the nuggets:
- 2 chicken fillets
- Flour
- 1 egg
- Breadcrumb
- Oil
- Salt

Cut the chicken fillets into squares
Bread the chicken:
Roll the chicken pieces in flour, dip them
in the beaten egg and roll them in the
Add oil a baking pan and lay the breaded
chicken on, add a little salt
Cook the chicken at 200 ° for 15 minutes
For the sauce, cut the pickles into small
pieces, chop the parsley
Mix mayonnaise, yogurt, pickles, parsley,
season with salt and pepper
And it’s ready, bon appétit!

Nuggets around
here? Is it...
No, no I haven't seen
the nuggets

Anyway, I don’t like
it, so ...

For the tartar sauce:
- 2 tbsp mayonnaise
- 2 tbsp natural yogurt
- 2 pickles
- Parsley
- Salt, pepper


Drawing contest

Send us your drawings by email to plipetflap@gmail.com
The best drawings will be published in the next issue
and on our facebook page


Plip magazine number 4, Apr 15, 2020
Participated in this issue: Jean-Louis, Magali,
Prisca, Martin, Héléne, Nicolas, Léa, belle

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