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Plip runs a market stand, but he can’t
seem to find everything on Flap’s
shopping list. He needs your help.


Help the little worm to
get out of the apple

What do animals eat?
Connect each animal to their favorite food

Fold a baby chick

Cut out
the square

Fold the paper
in half

Unfold it

Fold along
the dotted lines

Flip your
folding paper

Fold both sides
of the paper
to the center

Fold along the
dotted lines

Fold the
tip down

Flip your
folding paper

Open the shell by pulling
the tips outwards

Fold up the
beak, and voila!

Yoga for kids

with the wind I bend
to the left, to the right

I am a reed

I make the triangle
with my legs

and I lean forward

I make a peacock, on
my knees, I straighten up
and lean back

a candle,
super easy!

I am a candle

then I try to put my feet
on the floor above
my head

And here is my Teddy which joins me
for the rest, it jumps on my belly, goes
up and down with my breath

Spot the differences

Find 10 differences

Do-It-Yourself Idea
The salt dough
For this activity you will need:

A glass of fine salt
A glass of warm water
2 glasses of flour

1. Prepare salt, flour and lukewarm water in a bowl
2. M
ix until it forms a ball. If it sticks to your fingers, add more
flour. If it’s too dry, add a little more water.
3. With the dough, form the shape you like
4. L
et your work dry for about 12 hours. It’s important, otherwise it
will deform during cooking. Be careful not to let it dry for too
long, it might become brittle.
5. C
ook it at 95 degree for an hour. The cooking time might vary
depending on the size of your pieces. Salt dough is cooked when it
became very hard.
6. Once cooled you can paint the dough!

Do-It-Yourself Idea

Make 2
circles from

Lay them on top
of each other

Take a wool
thread and go
through the
hole and then
outside the

Repeat several

...until you make
a big pile of

Cut the thread
in between the
2 circles

Use a thread
to go through
between the 2
circles then
make a knot

Cut and remove
the paper

You can
decorate it as
you want with
color papers

Here is your

Super cool, my
new friends

Easter bunnies
For 6 bunnies, you need:
500 gr flour
3 dl lukewarm milk
50 gr butter
20 gr yeast
1 tsp salt
1 tblsp sugar
1 egg yolk

Mix the flour and salt in a bowl
and form a well
Mix the yeast in a little milk and put the
rest of the milk in a saucepan with butter,
sugar and gently melt
Pour these 2 mixtures in a big bowl, mix well
and knead this dough
Let the dough rest for an hour
Divide the dough into 6 portions and form
the bunnies, place them on a plate
Let them rest for an hour
Brush the bunnies with egg yolk
Put them in the oven at 220 degree for
15 minutes.
And enjoy!

but where did
Flap go?


Drawing contest

Send us your drawings by email to plipetflap@gmail.com
The best drawings will be published in the next issue
and on our facebook page


Plip magazine number 3, Apr 8, 2020
Participated in this issue: Jean-Louis, Magali,
Héléne, Nicolas, Léa, Noémie, belle

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